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Water glass, black technology in the mobile phone film industry!
Category£º Industry News       Time£º November 28,2017  
The use of mobile phones runs through our lives. The use of mobile phone films runs through mobile phones. The good and bad of mobile phone films is related to the experience of using mobile phones every day. The mobile phone films on the market are various and have their own characteristics.
The main two types are glass film and plastic film. The tempered film we often see is glass film. The tempered film has high hardness, explosion-proof, anti-mite and anti-scratch functions. The plastic film is the most used hydraulic film, which is anti-fingerprint, soft and fit.
The characteristics of the two films cannot be taken into consideration. Most of the mobile phones on the market today are curved machines. The hard tempered film will leave a gap, which will cause obstacles in use. The soft water-sealing film can't guarantee the safety of the mobile phone. As long as you are not careful, the high screen maintenance fee will make you bleed.
Is there a "film" with the best of both worlds? Set hard and soft. Yes, this is the case with water glass.
Water glass is not a "cell phone film" in the traditional sense. As its name suggests, water glass is a very dense nano liquid.
Drop a few drops of water glass on the screen of the mobile phone, use the high temperature of the hair dryer to heat the film evenly, solidify the water film layer, repeat the reinforcement twice or more, and your phone will become tougher than the tempered film.
The hardness of the water glass is much higher than that of the tempered film. Only objects with higher hardness than the water molecules can cause scratches, such as diamond and quartz.
The mobile phone "sticks" to the water glass is not only hardened, but also has a high density and flat surface. It can also effectively prevent grease, fingerprints, bacteria, mites and the like.
This is the so-called "coating" and the human face of the drop of a few drops of water to dry and wipe the essence of the difference, the water glass can be filtered to filter out the blue radiation on the phone screen, reducing eye fatigue.
Having said that, I would recommend a water glass that I am using. [Japan quality letter GYCIN] water body glass.
Ten functions to overcome the traditional mobile phone film: explosion-proof to 9H hardness, film operation is simple, film is not foaming, good light transmission, anti-fouling waterproof oil, anti-fingerprint, smooth hand operation, thickness 27 mm (one third of hair ), stable quality and easy to clean.
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