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Newcomers can also easily film, green joint 9D full coverage tempered glass experience
Category£º Industry News       Time£º November 28,2017  
For mobile phones, in order to protect the screen and get a better experience, you will choose a high-definition mobile phone film for better control, and I am no exception. The family used a 4.7-inch Apple 7 mobile phone to have a bubble on the original film. In order to get a better experience, I plan to try again.
There are many kinds of mobile phone film on the market, especially for the Apple mobile phone, it can be mixed, full of flowers, variety, from 100 yuan to 10 yuan. I often choose to buy all kinds of accessories of Green Link brand. Its fast charge products and gadgets of wireless charging series have left a very good impression on me. I have chosen to trust the brand and technology. A 9D tempered film style from the Green Link brand.
Then let's take a look at it. Green Link 9D tempered glass film is attractive in design and price. There are two sets of film in one box. Since there is backup, this makes many small partners who are still handicapped interested in trying their own film. How to play, after all, if the post failed, you can take another film to the roadside to find a small brother to remedy the remedy.
With a detailed instructional textbook that describes the screen cleaning sequence and process.
The wipes cleaning kit, the wiper cloth, and the dust removal stickers are both provided with a film applicator for auxiliary.
First use the wipes cleaning kit to thoroughly clean the screen, then wipe it off with a wiper.
In fact, I also used the film for the first time, and I also needed to take pictures at the same time. It was inevitable that I was a little busy and removed the dust and stains on the screen.
Put the phone in the film applicator, the screen is facing up, and then carefully clean and wash carefully, basically hold your breath. No dust and no residue can guarantee the smoothness of the back film.
Next, take a closer look at this Green Link 9D, full coverage, high-definition translucent design of tempered glass film, exquisite details and accurate opening. Carefully tear the tempered film.
Curved edge detail, full fit, edging design, 0.3 mm ultra-thin, ultra-light transmission design.
The next step is to put your hands together and slowly pull one end of the tempered film against the edge of the frame of the applicator and slowly lower it. At the same time, use the paddles to slowly push the bubbles forward. Because the film aid can be positioned in an accurate position, it will accurately align the earpiece, camera, distance sensor and Home button without the need for careful alignment, which greatly reduces the difficulty of the novice.
Finally, carefully remove the air bubbles, carefully wash them, and complete the film.
The overall 3D soft side, beautifully fitted, beautiful light transmission, open the screen feels a new look.
This is my first time to complete the diy film, a few simple parts can remove the bubble to complete the film. This green 9D full film design has a very high hardness, which can prevent falling and scratching and reduce wear and tear. Your new film will not need to be hard to deliberately draw a few, I believe its performance will be very good.
Overall, I chose the green 9D chamfered arc edge here, ultra-thin transparent, tempered film style I am still very satisfied, the convenient design can let my novice can also complete the smooth film. Excellent value for money, worthy of choice, a small partner in need may wish to try it like me.
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